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Symptoms of the asthma are as follows
- Never arises as an original lesion, animal has heaves in the incipient or confirmed form
- Marked dyspnoea, equally so in inspiration and expiration
- Wheezing – the air goes in and out with difficulty bur in heaves the expiration only accompanied by strong breathing
- Symptoms are suddenly developed
- Anxious countenance
- Flanks heaving
- Wheezing
- Temperature from 39 to 40oC
- Pulse is 60 or thereabouts
How we can differentiate asthma from acute bronchitis?
The wheeze we never get in acute bronchitis, it is produced by spasmodic contraction of the non – striated muscles in the bronchioles, and this contraction is caused by the suddenly increased irritability of the pneumogastritic nerve. The pulse and temperature are incidental, probably due to the dyspnoea.
How we can treat
Nerve sedative is indicated, sedatives are
- Gelsemium
- Lobelia
- Chloral hydrate
- Belladonna
Give liberal doses every hour until horse is relived. Also you can give hypodermic dose of morphine 4 gm and atropine 1 to 2 grains and repeat this after 3 or 4 hours.


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