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Bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the bronchi or bronchioles. It is divided into three cases, acute, subacute and chronic. The acute affects the large bronchi mainly, but in severely acute cases the bronchioles may become involved. The inflammation is catarrhal in nature on account of the free flow of mucous present. Occasionally the air vesicles are also involved in the inflammation and pneumonia is the result. We may have bronchitis and pneumonia running at the same bronchopneumonia. Bronchitis is usually ushered in with a rigor if the inflammation follows exposure. The mucous membranes are injected. The first stage runs a rapid course and the cough is deep, hoarse and dry. The temperature is from 40 – 42oC and the pulse is 50, soft, full, round and regular. The respirators are 18 – 20 per minute. The stage lasts about 6 hours.
Treatment of an average case with a temperature of 42 following a chill, horse weighing 544 kg, pulse 55, respiration 20, visible mucous membranes red, head hanging, ears drooping.
Criticize the stable – see that the horse does not stand in a draft and gets plenty of fresh air. Ventilate the stable. Put a stove in the barn under the window with thermometer near the horse and keep the temperature around 15 to 19oC degrees. Put two blankets and hood on him, bandage his legs, keep the drafts off his feet by placing plenty of straw on the floor. The horse has a rapid pulse, if effusion is profuse and there is depression, then give him a stimulant. Give 1 dram of acetanilide every 2 to 4 hours, according to the size of the horse. Put on regular fever mixture less the aconite with 30 gm of muriate of ammonia added to a pint mixture. Apply some counter – irritant on both sides of the chest and in front. Provide a nurse day and night. With the fever mixture and the acetanilide you can reduce the fever in 24 hours. If the mucous glands are severely excited and inflamed, then do not try to reduce it too quickly.


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