Colic in dog

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Animals under this complaint are dull, restless, dry and warm nose, with inflamed eyeballs, loss of appetite and the dog suffers considerable pain.
Treatment —The application of stimulating embrocation’s applied to the belly, and the warm bath, brought to a considerably high temperature, often affords relief ½ ounce of castor oil should be given immediately, and six drops of laudanum. This is given when the habit is costive, but when the bowels are lax, give two tablespoons of the following mixture every four hours

– Compound tincture of senna – 3 drachms
– Sweet spirit of nitri – 1 ounce
– Compound tincture of rhubarb – 3 drachms
– Laudanum – 2 drachms
– Water – 1 pint

Don’t use at your own, visit veterinarian


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