Cough in dog

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It frequently happens that cough precedes the distemper, and if the dog is young, and no probable reason can be assigned for the cold he has taken, it may reasonably be inferred that it is a premonitory symptom of that disease and precautionary measures ought to be adopted. The cough which recedes distemper is always accompanied by dullness, and cold shivering’s, with wasting of the flesh, and it is always dry and short in its character. Still there is little perceptible diminution in his appetite. For this, the following may be given
- Febrifuge antimonial powder – 6 grains,
- Powdered niter – 8 grains,
- Linseed tea – 1 gill.
A cough arising from a cold is distinguished from that connected with the distemper by its shortness and frequency. Sometimes cough is occasioned by worms, when in this case, the coat stares, and the breath is very fetid. When this is suspected, it must be treated as recommended for worms.


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