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This disease consists of an accumulation of water in the abdomen, and is not uncommon in dogs, and often proves fatal. It generally has its origin in some disease of the chest or kidneys. It sometimes manifests itself by a strong, hard cough, the belly becomes swelled and tense, and a want of appetite follows, with quick and difficult breathing, accompanied by great thirst, and in the more advanced stages, a considerable tendency to suffocation. A good way of testing the existence of dropsy, is to place one hand on the near side of the body, and strike the off side with the other hand, when an undulating motion will be perceived. The following will be found beneficial
- Calomel – 10 grains,
- Powdered digitalis – 10 grains.
- Powdered camphor – 15 grains
divide into six powders, and one give daily, but if for a small dog, it must be made into eight powders. Should the camphor lead to the animal refusing his food, it should be discontinued at once. In extreme cases tapping will afford relief, and may be performed several times, but ought not to be attempted by anyone but an experienced veterinarian.

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