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This is occasioned by colds, and many dogs die of it. It is a complaint which, with the canine species, is very rapid in its effects and must be speedily attended to.
Symptoms. — An animal laboring under this malady holds up his head, as if to give him more freedom in breathing, the pulse is much accelerated, with an oppressed beating of the heart.
Remedies — Apply a copious mustard poultice to the chest over the region of the lungs. Then give the following mixture
- Powdered foxglove – 1 grains
- Emetic tartar – 3 grains
- Nitre powdered – 60 grains
One to be given every three hours, until the symptoms are abated, and then they may be given every six hours, for a day afterwards. The animal must be kept warm. If the powders produce vomiting, they must be divided into two parts each, and given less frequently.

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