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Stumpy, a 13 Years old, 2kg, female Miniature Pinch, was presented with anorexia, lethargy and vaginal discharge.

Ultrasonography of abdomen revealed Hypoechoic fluid In Uterus indicative Of Pyometra (Pus filled In Uterus)

Surgery was advised and performed by Dr Vikram Dave and Dr Yash Savla at Dr. Dave’s Pet Clinic and Surgery Centre under Propofol and Sevoflurane.

Surgery went well and Stumpy is now eating and on her way to recovery.

P. S. – Pyometra is defined as an infection in the uterus. Pyometra is considered a serious and life threatening condition that must be treated quickly and aggressively.
Pyometra may occur in any sexually intact young to middle-aged dog; however, it is most common in older dogs.
After many years of estrus cycles without pregnancy, the uterine wall undergoes the changes that promote this disease. Pyometra usually occurs two to eight weeks after the last estrus (“heat cycle”).


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