Colic in dog

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Animals under this complaint are dull, restless, dry and warm nose, with inflamed eyeballs, loss of appetite and the dog suffers considerable pain. Treatment —The application of stimulating embrocation’s applied to the belly, and the warm bath, brought to a considerably high temperature, often affords relief ½ ounce of castor oil should be given immediately, […]


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Dogs are very liable to costiveness, and the faces which they void is sometimes extremely hard, and not unfrequently of a limy consistence. Treatment – Occasional doses of castor oil, varying from ½ ounce to 2 ounces, is the most effectual remedy for this, and its operation will be facilitated by giving the animal frequent […]


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This disease consists of an accumulation of water in the abdomen, and is not uncommon in dogs, and often proves fatal. It generally has its origin in some disease of the chest or kidneys. It sometimes manifests itself by a strong, hard cough, the belly becomes swelled and tense, and a want of appetite follows, […]


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When it has been discovered that a dog has taken poison, give the following specific as soon as possible Emetic tartar, dissolved in water, 15 grains, which will have the effect of producing vomiting and after the retching has subsided, give him two ounces of castor oil, or ten grains of turpeth mineral, if a […]


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This is occasioned by colds, and many dogs die of it. It is a complaint which, with the canine species, is very rapid in its effects and must be speedily attended to. Symptoms. — An animal laboring under this malady holds up his head, as if to give him more freedom in breathing, the pulse […]

Cough in dog

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It frequently happens that cough precedes the distemper, and if the dog is young, and no probable reason can be assigned for the cold he has taken, it may reasonably be inferred that it is a premonitory symptom of that disease and precautionary measures ought to be adopted. The cough which recedes distemper is always […]


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MASSAGE TECHNIQUES Massage has many benefits for dogs, and there are many techniques that may be employed. Massage involves the use of a series of movements using the hands, which have an effect on the tissues. It is important to comfortably position the dog in lateral recumbency. The person performing the massage should be beside […]


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VITAMIN C Vitamin C, has a chemical structure that is closely related to the monosaccharide sugars. It is synthesized from glucose by plants and most animal species, including dogs and cats. When present in foods, Vitamin C is easily destroyed by oxidative processes. Exposure to heat, light, alkalies, oxidative enzymes, and the minerals copper and […]


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Clean your cat with baking soda Did you know all benefits of baking soda? This recipe can help you to remove the bad smell. All you need to do is to rub the baking soda into the coat, let it stay for few minutes and brush it off. The bad smell will be gone and […]

Umbilical hernia (dog)

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Nux 200 mixed with globules size 40. Two globules once daily. ** Same treatment for other species like sheep, goat, cattle etc. 2 to 5 globules once daily. Swapan Kumar