The Idea

The Idea

The goal of starting this project and being part of it is to create community of veterinary professionals that will share ideas, projects, knowledge and experience between veterinary professionals and audience interested about animals and animal welfare.

This site is built to be professional  veterinary website, but from other hand simple enough to be understood from the others that love and take care of animals, and they are concern about their place and part in human community.

Everybody is welcomed to read and share the articles from this site, hoping that will help somebody in some problem or just satisfy their hunger for knowledge. 

Everybody is welcomed to be author, sharing and publishing ideas from the areas of interest, even for non-veterinary educated authors or veterinary students. For professional veterinary scientific work it will be given mentor that will guide you through the process of writing and researching, as well as the validity of the written scientific work.

Enjoy in your journey of researching, learning and loving animals.